Negative Space

by Sneaky Creeps

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released March 12, 2014

Recorded, mixed, and Mastered by Joel Nanos of Element Recording, KC, MO

Isaac Ahloe-Bass
Max Crutcher-Drums and yell/talk
Andy Erdrich-Guitar, loops/noises, and yell/talk



all rights reserved


Sneaky Creeps Kansas City, Missouri

False Gods. True Idols.

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Track Name: Living Beneath
Dependable technologies
Destroying our needs
And altering our seed
Filling life and eternity
Dust and lust filled wandering
Frustration biting

Feeling of hate and living beneath

Only hopes disintegrate

Out of sight and out of mind
Setting our clocks to all the same time
Frustration biting

Corrupting your love
And aching your bones
Committing no crimes
And flexing their tone
Frustration biting
Track Name: Antisocial
You're sitting quiet and all alone
Looking grave as a tombstone
Your glass is filled again and again
You're being antisocial, you didn't come to make friends

Maybe I have the wrong impression
But can you answer a couple of questions?
Why are you here?
And are you open to suggestion?


For hours the band goes on
Playing obvious cover songs
But you're not here for atmosphere
All you do is lurk and leer

Track Name: Gossip Renaissance
Going through a gossip renaissance
I can't get out when your inside my head
Nowhere near the beach, so whats the point?
I feel a breeze, but it isn't a relief
It could be fear, or the pain of learning
I don't care I have nothing to carry
So what's the weight the band sings about?

The truth is truth is
I have my answer
The truth i truth is
You aren't the answer

Going through a gossip renaissance
You still hold my skeleton key
There are no chains, but I'm held by something
Big pressure, I need a break down
I'm not a mountain, but I will not crumble
You're just a shadow when I close my eye
A permanent shade, you are ghost cold

I have an escape
But its only the summer
I have an escape
Now I need another

The weight is bigger
The pain is better
The weight is bigger
The pain is
Track Name: Little Known Facts About Ostriches (Trivia)
I'm feeling uninspired
Hey, what's your sign?
You keep me well informed
But I haven't got the time

The little words
That fill my head
Don't make my heart interested

Can't make a love out of trivia
Don't want a love made of trivia

Junk in the mail
Cloh in my drain
Ads in my face
Face on a screen

Boundaries are gone
Taken away
Intentions were here
But they're starting to fade

I live in a world made of trivia
Can't leave this world made of trivia

Let's go
When ritual repeats
Tradition begins
I'm almost 26
And I can't pretend
The things we do
When we are bored
Don't add up to much
Not anymore

When ritual repeats
Religion is born
What if no one believes
What if no one is sure
Do we still have our souls
Are we more than they say
Long view to the end
Short-sighted today

Are we more?

Stopped by the light
Stuck in the snow
Burst in the pipe
Call on the phone

The little things that waste my time
Keep me spun, don't let me unwind

I have a life made of trivia
We live in these lives made of trivia
Track Name: Hypnotist Convention
Drawn into a hypnotists' convention
Commanding all of my attention
Speaking tongues real me in
Snake charms I can't resist

Paralyzed, frozen stiff
Memories surface again

It's all the matter, out of my hands
Empty repetition, a total cleanse

Guided eyes desires shift
There are things I want to miss

Lost inside the hypnotists' convention
Looking for a secure position
Hanging by a thread on your suggestion
Today's the day to get broken in
Track Name: D.M.T. N.Y.
Don't move to New York

Your midwestern life
Feels a little quaint (and a little tame)
So you want to move
Where nobody sleeps

Don't move to New York

You want to move
Because your life is a mess
Find a new town
Get a second chance

Don't move to New York
Track Name: Splitting Hairs
Sell my blood
Push more drugs
Scratchers tickets don't convince lady luck

And honest work
Desperate still
Lose your worth on the grind for dollar bills

Scheme or dream, splitting hairs
Here to there, splitting hairs

Follows me
Just the same staying course 'til the end

I lose my face
Forget myself
Be possessed like the rest, soul on sale

What's it worth splitting hairs?
My fingers crossed, splitting hairs

A small satisfaction in the morning
From another night that couldn't kill me
Someone's selling second chances
And they forgot to bill me

All my possessions fallen to pieces
And all that's left are my hands
But if the come n' go swings back around
I'll be in the promised land

So I'll sell my blood
And push those drugs
Stack the bills to the black, evened up

Warrant tries
To dispair
Cover-up running dry, I don't care

Wrong or right, splitting hairs
Fight or flight, splitting hairs
Track Name: Skeleton Key
Resting in my bed filled with certainty
Our sacrifice someday soon will be
A discounted price for a limited time
Well be right back where we started from
So don't get off the line
Just keep sitting on the fence
From the morning until night
Looking for a dawn inside a darkness
Sleeping it off inside a coffin guitar case
Filling up a space you don't fit inside

We've got common sense
And some common ground
So lets light some incense up
And start to settle down

Call now for a good time
Come collect your finders fee
If money can buy it all
Is it a time thing?
If you weren't the chain on me
Where would my ball be?
How has a feeling of love started stalling?
Is this wrong or is it right?
Track Name: No Happening
Time has eroded
All that we have
My hands keep holding
Sand from the hour glass
Down time

No happening

No justice, old photographs
For an absent mind
You should record this
My jog into file
Dead line

Small talk says nothing
About whats at stake
Sharp eyes, corralling
Fingering our disguise
Long lies

No happening
Track Name: Burn It Down
You've spent a lifetime
On the decline
Stuck in this town
Makes you want to burn it al down

Burn it down to the ground

Blacked out in basement
Right by the air vent
Made friends with concrete
Fahey on repeat

Because I want hear it, hear it, hear it again

Love me like your dealer I can make the pain disappear
Sense of purpose less than perfect I want the world to disappear

I want it to burn, burn down to the ground